Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Résumé Adventure #16: Eight Hours of Daily Hell with La Canada Age-Discriminators

For Résumé Adventure #16, we are going to take a cover letter trip to the pristine streets of affluent La Canada, California. I found a job post on Craigslist from a family ageist douche-tubes that needs someone to deal with all of the unpleasant parts of life for them. I have excerpted the job post below. My cover letter follows. You can read the résumé that I sent this domestic dream-maker on Moonbow's Résumé Page. This is pretty far from Long Beach, but I hope I get it any way. Wish me lots of luck!

Srubstep goes hand in hand with beatboxing (photo by wrestlingentropy via Flickr). 

The Job Post

"full-time housekeeper (la canada)
Date: 2012-06-05, 12:59PM PDT
Location: la canada

We are looking for a full-time, female housekeeper, 8 hours a day Monday through Friday. Must have experience with a large house. Must drive. Duties include all housecleaning services: clean floors, windows, change beds, laundry, clean kitchen, etc... we need a reliable person who is great with children and is professional and organized. We would prefer someone under the age of 50. This is a long term employment opportunity. Please only respond if you are qualify. Thank You."

My Cover Letter

Dear Maid Seeker,

I am interested in the housekeeper position that you posted on Craigslist. You list several job requirements in your post and I believe that I meet them all.

First, you want someone that is female. Well, guess, what? Yup, you got it! I AM FEMALE. GIRLZ ROOL!!!! You gotta admit -- the best part about being a woman is that you get solicitations to clean other people's toilets. Like, srsly, who ever hear of a man cleaning up a house? God, I love being a woman. I am woman! Hear me scour!

Second, you want someone that drives. Well, I do. Okay, so I do have this little problem where ice cream truck jingles put me into a medically-verified trance that often results in me running my car off the road, but I can probably drive up in La Canada where you live because it is pretty fancy and affluent up there and you probably don't have any ice cream trucks randomly driving around like we do down here in the LBC.

Third, you are looking for someone with experience with a large house. I have a pretty big place of my own...600 square feet of rented heaven that I share with a huge pride of adorable house cats. I manage and clean my whole place on my own. I sweep, mop, clean up dust, scoop up sticky hairballs, scrub the toilet and litter box, cook, and do shopping all on my own. Not many people can say that they take care of their own house these days. I can totally do that for you. Cleaning is an art form. It is okay if you haven't mastered cleanliness and house hygiene in your own home yet. I will use my mop mastery to pull you out of the filth-laden pit that has become your life. So yeah, I've got that requirement covered! :-D

Fourth, you need someone that is great with kids. I am going to guess that since you even had to mention this, that your little ones are just total, inconsiderate self-entitled slobs that like to trash newly cleaned areas and just leave all of their toys and dirty laundry and half-eaten snacks laying all over the house for the maid to pick up. It is probably pretty hard to get someone who is willing to put up with that kind of abuse. Well, look no further because I AM YOUR VICTIM! YEAH! ME ME ME ME ME!!!!! I have no qualms about dealing with children. In fact, kids should be minded by their housekeepers and not their own parents. I know this is true because nobody ever complains about the inadequacy of their housekeepers in therapy, just their parents. LOL! My philosophy about kids is that as long as they are not playing with matches or watching reality television, that they should just do whatever they want.

Fifth, you said that you prefer someone that is under the age of 50. Well, once again, that is me. I want to come and clean your house and watch your kids and run your errands for you sooooooo bad that I am not even going to report you for putting that illegal ageism age-discrimination bullshit in your job post. I mean, I love people of all ages, but if you hate people over the age of 50 so much that you won't even let them interview for your housekeeping job, well that is your business. Just because people over the age of 50 are capable of important things like governing countries, being judges, running large organizations, and other responsibility-laden stuff like that, does not in any way indicate that older workers are smart enough to clean the soap scum ring out of your bathtub.

Lastly, I would like to say that I think it would be awesome to land your long-term employment job. Since it is long term, I bet you offer benefits like health care, paid time off, and sick leave. I know you didn't mention those things in your post, but you know, I bet you offer those basic work benefits. Right? Ok, who am I kidding? You probably were not planning on giving your future employee any of those things. But, after you meet me, I know you are going to want to hook me up with that stuff. Why, you ask? Because not only do I meet all of the requirements of your job listing, but I also have more skillz. For example, I have MAD STREET FIGHTING SKILLZ! I can defend you and your family in the event of a spontaneous smack down challenge. Also, I know how to beatbox, so if your electricity ever goes out and you can't put the kids in front of the television to keep them out of your way, I can entertain them with my musical stylings. If you are a single parent and need to hire someone to fill that labor need, I am clearly just the sort of protective and entertaining lioness that you are looking for. Finally, I am all about attention to detail which is an excellent quality in any employee. For example, I noticed every single one of your job post typos! All nine of them.

I have attached my résumé to this email for you to gaze intently at. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours in Yellow Rubber Gloves,
Moonbow Rollings


  1. Hee definitely made me laugh!! Don't you just love the spam job posts?

  2. Spam job posts are my raison d'être! Thanks so much for reading. I read your twitter a lot.