Welcome to Moonbow's Résumé Adventure!

Hi. I'm Moonbow Rollings. I bet you are wondering what I'm doing with a blog. I have been unemployed for a long time. After years of rejection from corporate recruiters who just don't even want to give me a chance, I have decided to take revenge on them by making my résumé, cover letters, and recruiter responses public. Other than that, I'm a total sweetheart and a total hottie, so feel free to contact me with your unemployment philosophies any time at moonbow.luvs.yoo@gmail.com. March onward unemployed soldiers!


  1. Dear Mrs. Rollings,
    I just want to tell you that Mr. Jaworski's 7th grade English class is learning about the resume and cover letter writing. Mr. J. is using your blog as an Instructional Aide and tells us "this is what NOT to do" but we think you rule and hope you stay tru 2 yourself!!
    FYI we hope you could come visit our class sometime before summer and debate Mr. J. on staying tru vs. him saying we need to tell the corporate world what they want to hear. Would you please please please?!? It would rule so hard and LOL he's kinda cute too. We think he might be getting separated or divorced soon cause he's not wearing his wedding ring the past few weeks. You can see the tan line for real.
    Anyway good luck no matter what happens. I can't send you an email cause I'm 14 etc etc so I hope you hit us back on this. We're at Eliot Middle School in Altadena which is pretty far from Long Beach but maybe we could all collect for some gas money and buy you lunch in Cafe Eliot. We have superstar fierce mac and cheese. YUM! Either way Stay Classy and bTru2U!!
    Kelly B.
    Janine R.
    Jared W.
    Usha J.

  2. Hello Little Ones,

    I responded to you in a post entitled: Moonbow Teaches the Children Well.

    Thank you for commenting on how I rule etc etc.

    Love ya,