Monday, May 28, 2012

Good God, Bless this Blog

Staycations are not just a time to binge eat snacks on the sofa while bitterly ruminating on inability to afford a real vacation. Staycations are also a time for spiritual reflection. In the past few days I have consumed so many processed, bagged, and preservative-laden snacks that I have gone into a peyote-like trance. My spiritual journey through a cheesey-poof induced coma has revealed to me what is really important in life...BLOGGING. To honor that which the most holy snack muses have divulged, today shall be a day of prayer for my blog. Pray for my blog. Now. Do it. Ask whatever god you dig to bless my blog. I made up a prayer that you can chant over and over again to bless my blog. Say it 100 times. I know that if you pray with me about my Moonbow's Résumé Adventure blog, that it will become really famous and stuff.

I wish this godly guy would pray for Moonbow's Résumé Adventure (photo by MacJewell via Flickr).

Prayer for Moonbow's Blog

May Moonbow's blog brim all the way up to the stratosphere with awesome posts and stuff.

May Moonbow's Résumé Adventure make infinity dollars. 

May advertisers be bountiful, smitten, well-laden, and well-hung.

May God smite all hackers that try to mess with Moonbow's shit. 

May Moonbow have the strength to hunt down and street fight spammers.

God, you should command blessings on Moonbow's Résumé Adventure and to all those that are touched by this blogs awesomenessability. 

Oh Lord, may you repeatedly bless Moonbow's Résumé Adventure like so hard and stuff that the universe conducts tons of traffic to this site. 

Oh Lord hear this prayer. 

AMEN + OMG + LOL + :-) + AMEN

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