Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Update on Résumé Adventure #3: Hot Hostess Needed for Millionaire's Luau

Within an hour of sending my cover letter, photo, and résumé to the recruiter from Résumé Adventure #3: Hot Hostess Needed for Millionaire's Luau, I got a response. It was indeed disappointing. I did not get the job. Oh well, better luck next time, right? The recruiter seems to have confused me with someone else! And they have threatened to report me to the authorities, although, to my knowledge, sending someone a cover letter that they do not like is not a crime. They also state that they know who I am for some reason as though my identity were a great mystery, but duh, I am Moonbow. I clearly state who I am in the cover letter signature. You can check out the recruiter's response below:

The Recruiter's Response

"We know who you are and we have already warned you once. Stop sending these emails and get professional help or we will be forced to report you to the authorities."

So um, the PB Millionaire misogynists objectify women for profit and THEY have a problem with ME. Hahahaha! Hilarious.

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