Monday, May 14, 2012

Résumé Adventure #2: $8 Receptionist

I found a job posting on Craigslist for an $8 an hour receptionist position. Sounds pretty scrumptious! See below for the job posting text and my cover letter (I kept the recruiter's grammar errors in tact). Check out Moonbow's Résumé Page for my technicolor-hued résumé. I really hope I get this receptionist job. Wish me, Moonbow, lots of luck!

Photo by Renato Ganoza via Flickr.

The Job Post

"Receptionist Position Abvailable - INTERVIEWING TOMORROW (Hollywood)
Date: 2012-05-14, 9:44AM PDT
Location: Hollywood
Compensation: Starting pay is $8/ hour

We are a local office located in Hollywood looking to fill a full time and part time receptionist position.

The job involves answering incoming phone lines and scheduling applicants for interviews. We are looking for someone who gives an excellent first impression. Friendliness a must! The qualified applicant must also be 100% reliable and looks to go above and beyond the bare minimum. We require someone who has the proper demeanor and appearance for a business setting. Lastly, experience on the phone and with a computer is not necessary but a plus.

Our receptionist can take or make anywhere between 50 and 100 phone calls in a day and must be able to handle the multiple phone lines with patience and composure. There is also administrative work involved. 

Please submit resume via email and follow up with a phone call to (323) 203 1108 and leave a message stating your name and phone number."

My Cover Letter 

Dear Receptionist Seeker,

I am most interested in the receptionist position that you posted on craigslist. Phones have been a part of my life since the early 80s and I am quite skilled at dialing, answering, speaking into the receiver, and responding to ringing sounds that indicate that someone is trying to make contact. Your job posting states that you don't care about experience, just so long as the applicant is a hottie...well, let me tell you, I am quite a looker. I am also skilled at sitting at desks, being friendly, using computers, and using post-it notes to take hard-copy messages. I have to confess that I am not 100% reliable...I AM 156% RELIABLE. Hahahahahahaha...I got you there!!! You probably totally thought I was going to say that I am less than 100% reliable, but I didn't, lol! 

I realize that you want to get a really good, high quality employee to fill your receptionist position, and at a whooping $8 an hour, and I am sure you are going to get tons of candidates willing to go "above and beyond the bare minimum" (to use your eloquent qualifier) even though you are not willing to pay a wage that is even remotely above the bare minimum required by the law. But please, when you are culling through all those emailed résumés, please keep me, Moonbow Rollings, in mind because as you can see from the photo on my résumé, I am indeed a business setting kind of gal. I have attached my résumé to this email for you to peruse. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in Post-It Notes,
Moonbow Rollings

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